Terms of Service

The Google docs Reader Add-on, and this website and related services, are made and maintained by Jacob van den Berg , on top of Google Docs using Google Apps Script libraries and is hosted on Google datacenters and Google infrastructure, using its technologies and following its principles.

By using the Google docs Reader Add-on and related services, you agree with Google's Terms and Privacy Police, entering into the same legal relationship with me , equivalent, in all aspects, with your legal agreement with Google.

By using the Reader Add-on and related services, you also agree that I, as a Google Cloud Platform user, am bound to the Terms of Services, Privacy Police and Acceptable Use Policy agreements of the latter, and therefore these agreements are also binding to you the User, and that I can take any action necessary to ensure these conditions are fulfilled.

I assure the user that all information in any Google doc accessed by the Reader Add-on is confidential and is the sole property of the owner of the Document, as set down in paragraph 8, Confidential Information, of Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service.

I reserve the right, to discontinue the Reader Add-on and withdraw it from the Google Docs Add-on Sore, to make changes to the Reader Add-on at any time and from time to time.

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The Google docs Reader Add-on is not affiliated to Google.

if you question about - or suggestions for these Terms of Service, please feel free to contact me: contact@lagaroo.com.